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Vehicle and Equipment Wash and Detailing Services

We have a full service wash bay facility that we utilize for all of the vehicles that we repair.  We clean vehicles prior to repair so we are working on a clean vehicle and again when repairs are completed to remove any dust or contaminants from the repair process so your vehicle is returned to you cleaner than when you brought it to us.

We also offer detailing services to get and keep your vehicle looking like new.    

Exterior Wash and Detailing

Pressure Washing
Steam Cleaning
Legacy Undercarriage Cleaner to Clean the Underside of Road Grime, Salts, Fuel, Oil, and other Contaminants
Degreasing of Engine, Driveline, Steering, Axles, Fifth Wheel, Lift Gates, etc.
Acid Washing / Aluminum Brightening of Oxidized Aluminum, Chrome, Stainless, and Rust Stains
Decal Removal
Paint Repair
Tire and Wheel Dressings
Headlight Restoration

Interior Cleaning and Detailing

Complete Vacuum Of Interior
Complete Shampoo Of Upholstery, Carpet, Seats, Headliner, Door Upholstery,  and Mats.
Spot Stain and Grease Removal
Wipe and Detail Instrument Panel, Dash, Console, Doors, & Vents
Complete Vinyl / Leather Detailing and Conditioning
Detail Bunk, Base Of Seats and Floor
Wipe Clean and Disinfect Fridge
Cleaning and Vacuuming Jockey Boxes Below Bunk
Cleaning Windows
Cleaning Door Jambs
Upholstery and Panel Repairs
Ozone Generator for Smoke and other Odor Removal
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